Get Set Play x Babylons

We are excited to announce we’d be partnering with Babylons. It’s an essential symbiotic integration of both protocols aiming to improve the efficiency of the two platforms and help us maximize our goals in the world of Gamefi.

About the Partnership

This partnership will enable Get Set Play and Babylons to merge and enhance their communities that would include e-sports players and streamers from all over the world

Partnership highlights

By partnering with Babylons, Get Set Play will list it and provide a large and dedicated user base of gamers for Babylons’ NFT Marketplace.


Joining forces with Get Set Play, Babylons, as a next-generation NFT marketplace, will provide a platform for Get Set Play’s users to create their NFTs, buy, sell, and collect NFTs.

Babylons will cater to Get Set Play’s large user base of NFT gamers as well as satisfy the never-ending need to create, buy, sell and exchange NFTs. Plus, users on our protocol can also earn weekly rewards and airdrops on the platform, as well as enjoy the community-run governance system.

About Babylons

Babylons is a revolutionary NFT Marketplace featuring cheap NFT minting, weekly rewards, and a DAO governance that vests power on the community members.

The NFT marketplace brings blockchain gamers and creators together. All users can enjoy subsidized fees for all their activities on Babylons while earning rewards from the transparent incentive module. Babylon already has many strong partners, and as such, there’s never a lack of liquidity.

Visit: (

Egemen- COO

We believe our partnership with Get Set Play will open new horizons for everyone in the Gamefi space

About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a cutting-edge completely decentralized, DAO-governed Esports, streaming, and betting platform for both blockchain and off-chain games. A platform for competitive gamers and streamers to compete and broadcast to the rest of the world, exhibiting their full potential in a competitive environment.

In addition to being a gaming and streaming platform, Get Set Play will offer a unique tokenized betting platform with blockchain integration that will offer gamers and viewers the chance to bet on, support, and engage with their favorite streamers and esports stars on the Get Set Play platform. Get Set Play seeks to fill the gap in the market between the current centralized Esport world, and gamers who can be brought to the next generation of the P2E community by offering tokenized DAO gaming, made possible with blockchain technology.

Need more details? Here are our socials 🔗

👾 Twitter: Set Play_io

👾 Instagram: Set




The world’s first DAO-powered Esports playzone built on Avalanche. (Formerly Arcader)

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Get Set Play

Get Set Play

The world’s first DAO-powered Esports playzone built on Avalanche. (Formerly Arcader)

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