Get Set Play X Bot Planet

Bot Planet will be the latest in our long line of partnerships as Get Set Play aims to build a robust network of strategic partners.

About the Partnership

By collaborating with Get Set Play, Bot Planet gamers will be able to stream their gameplay on GSP Stream, offering Bot Planet streamers access to the Get Set Plays platform and our platform’s viewers. Bot Planet streamers can target their live streams to a gaming-focused and blockchain experienced audience that will be more likely to explore Bot Planet for themselves. All Bot Planet streamers will be able to make the most of Get Set Play, and GSP Stream’s outstanding features. Arcade will provide protection to all streamers on the platform from hate raids and similar attacks through our unique implementation of community elected validators. Streamers that stream Bot Planet on GSP Stream will also be able to take part in one of the staking pools offered to streamers on the Get Set Play platform, which will provide them with significantly fairer income when compared to existing streaming platforms.

Just like any other stream on GSP Stream, Get Set Play is catering to loyal viewers as well as the streamers. Viewers who enjoy watching their favorite streamers play Bot Farm can take advantage of GSP Stream’s watch-to-earn offering that rewards viewers for their time spent watching streamers. The longer they spend watching Bot Planet streams, the more they will be rewarded.

Partnership Highlights

Bot Planet streamers can make the most of the GSP Stream platform to monetise their gaming while also rewarding their followers by teaming together. GSP Stream streamers will have access to the enormous number of active viewers on Bot Planet, and current viewers will be able to join GSP Stream to have access to the same benefits.

On the other hand, Get Set Play benefits from the increased audience and user base that the Bot Planet partnership brings, with Bot Planet viewers able to explore the Get Set Play ecosystem and engage in the different events and platforms that make up the Get Set Play ecosystem.

About Bot Planet

Bot Planet is the world’s first multi-chain ecosystem built around gaming, aiming to bring together the leading DeFi services in one place. Bot Planet will be creating a complex decentralized multichain ecosystem with its native BOT token at its core. Through this ecosystem, Bot Planet will be able to offer a variety of products ranging from Play-to-Earn games and an NFT marketplace to staking, farming and DEX services, all utilizing the BOT token.

In mid-late 2022, Bot Planet will be launching their first game, Nexus Shift, a virtual card collection Play-to-Earn game that leverages the BOT token whilst also incorporating NFTs and the Bot Planet NFT marketplace. Players will be able to access this unique experience after purchasing an NFT, using the token to battle against other players to win BOT tokens which can be used to improve their character or purchase new NFTs and/or card from the marketplace or in-game store.

About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a groundbreaking decentralized, DAO-governed platform that is introducing blockchain technology to gaming and esports, fundamentally altering the way we play games and speculate on esports. The platform is designed for avid gamers and streamers alike to compete in tournaments while simultaneously streaming their gameplay to the rest of the globe. What sets Get Set Play apart from competitors like Twitch is its use of blockchain technology, as well as its own native token, which is utilized to reward gamers who participate in tournaments, stream, as well as speculators, and even viewers.

Get Set Play is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which means that the community is responsible for all decision-making. All platform-related decisions will be made collectively by a vote amongst community members. The community will be built upon a set of agreed-upon rules that will be set on the blockchain as a smart contract.

Need more details? Here are our socials 🔗

👾 Twitter: Set Play_io

👾 Instagram: Set

👾Telegram — Set Play

👾LinkedIn — Set Play/




The world’s first DAO-powered Esports playzone built on Avalanche. (Formerly Arcader)

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Get Set Play

Get Set Play

The world’s first DAO-powered Esports playzone built on Avalanche. (Formerly Arcader)

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