Get Set Play x The Monopolist

We are pleased to announce we are onboarding the Monopolist as our partner. As birds of the same feather, our partnership is a move in the right direction that’d benefit both our platforms.

About the Partnership

Through this partnership, Get Set Play as an on-chain streaming and Esports playzone, will onboard the Monopolist, and users who play the game will be able to stream their game live on Get Set Play.

Partnership Highlights

Get Set Play, by this partnership, will list The Monopolist’s game on its platform, making Get Set Play a go-to platform for The Monopolists’ user to stream their game live to a community full of gamers.

The Monopolist will in return, allow Get Set Play to host the game on it’s platform. In essence, The Monopolist comes in hot with its marketplace — featuring generation, buying, selling, auctioning, and a host of other advanced NFT features.

As a first-of-its-kind gaming Metaverse looking to become home to gamers, streamers, viewers, NFT creators, collectors, etc., Get Set Play’s joining hands with The Monopolist is a giant stride towards creating a robust game and a sustainable NFT marketplace where its users can purchase, sell, and engage in DeFi features with their NFTs.

Being a gaming multiverse, featuring as many games as possible, plus its signature Monopoly game, The Monopolist has a solid economy built around its native $MONO token. With its robust NFT Marketplace, Get Set Play users will have a safe and optimized place to create, buy, sell, and engage in other profit-yielding activities with their NFTs.

About Monopolist

The Monopolist is a blockchain version and a major improvement on its agelong Monopoly game. Its ecosystem is built around its native $MONO token. And it comes with many more blockchain-based games, educational features, an NFT marketplace, and other passive income-earning opportunities.

About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a cutting-edge completely decentralized, DAO-governed Esports, streaming, and betting platform for both blockchain and off-chain games. A platform for competitive gamers and streamers to compete and broadcast to the rest of the world, exhibiting their full potential in a competitive environment.

In addition to being a gaming and streaming platform, Get Set Play will offer a unique tokenized betting platform with blockchain integration that will offer gamers and viewers the chance to bet on, support, and engage with their favorite streamers and esports stars on the Get Set Play platform. Get Set Play seeks to fill the gap in the market between the current centralized Esport world, and gamers who can be brought to the next generation of the P2E community by offering tokenized DAO gaming, made possible with blockchain technology.

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