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4 min readAug 4, 2022


The latest collaboration in our extensive network of strategic partnerships is with MetaClash, a hyper-realistic science fantasy metaverse game.

About the Partnership

Thanks to this partnership with Get Set Play, MetaClash players will be able to stream their gameplay on GSP Stream as well as host MetaClash tournaments within GSP Arena, targeting their live streams and tournaments to a blockchain gaming focused audience. Get Set Play will grant MetaClash full access to the GSP Stream platform, most importantly putting MetaClash in front of the dedicated viewers and gamers that make up the Get Set Play ecosystem. This comes with access to all the great features of GSP Stream like protection for all streamers and fairer compensation for the time spent live streaming. Get Set Play will also help protect MetaClash streamers from hate attacks or similar attacks thanks to our community validators that ensure the safety of all streamers on the GSP Stream platform.

Partnership Highlights

Get Set Play will prioritize streams of MetaClash, allowing MetaClash streamers to take full advantage of the GSP Stream platform and take their monetization to the next level whilst also rewarding their loyal viewers. MetaClash streamers will have access to GSP Stream’s vast gaming community and, more specifically, the blockchain gaming community which will greatly increase the number of viewers of MetaClash matches and tournaments. Gamers who organize tournaments within MetaClash will significantly benefit as revenue from tournaments may increase as a result of being able to host tournaments within GSP Arena, making their share of the tournament revenue worth a lot more.

Likewise, Get Set Play will be able to benefit from an increase in live streamers, viewers and gamers when existing viewers and gamers of MetaClash move over to the Get Set Play ecosystem. The ability to host MetaClash tournaments within GSP Arena increases the live stream content offered to viewers whilst also increasing the available tournaments for gamers to participate in. Gamers and viewers that join Get Set Play as a result of this collaboration will be able to explore the entire Get Set Play ecosystem and engage in one of the many activities that make up the Get Set Play ecosystem, from competing in tournaments to watching live streams, all whilst being rewarded for doing so.

About MetaClash

MetaClash is a hyper-realistic science fantasy metaverse game built on the Unreal Engine that leverages blockchain technology to provide a seamless play-to-earn gaming experience. MetaClash simultaneously delivers a player vs environment (PvE), player vs player (PvP), player vs player wager (PvPW) and play-to-earn (P2E) experience. In addition to this, MetaClash has developed an innovative approach to NFT-based games, and in doing so has created a secure ecosystem of DAOs and tokens. The complex network of DAOs, referred to in-game as Factions, are operated by stakers of MetaClash’s native token, $PCORE. Players will also be able to design and customize their own vehicles with parts they obtain within the game, these vehicles will also be tradable NFTs. Players can also be landowners within MetaClash, allowing gamers to participate in or organize tournaments, with victors and owners being rewarded a share of the revenue from the tournament.

MetaClash is constructing a digital world, designed for the community, by the community. Delivering an entire ecosystem of play-to-earn games and realistic virtual event grounds whilst providing ever-evolving entertainment. MetaClash’s fully decentralized DAOs will govern the ecosystem, rewarding users based on their skill, effort, and contribution to the community. The MetaClash metaverse will feature stages for concerts, art galleries for exhibitions, billboards for advertising, and games that will be the future battlegrounds of the metaverse. There will be places for gamers to hang out and enjoy the camaraderie, all whilst planning tactical assaults on other gamers within the metaverse.

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About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a groundbreaking decentralized, DAO-governed esports gaming and streaming platform that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we play, stream and spectate video games and esports. We have tailored our platform for avid gamers and streamers alike to compete in tournaments while simultaneously streaming their gameplay to the rest of the globe. What sets Get Set Play apart from competitors like Twitch is our use of blockchain technology, as well as our own native token, which is utilized by GSP gamers for participating in tournaments, streaming their gameplay, or simply watching someone else’s Livestream.

Get Set Play has also created an immersive metaverse experience to let gamers all over the globe feel like they are competing under one roof. Our one-of-a-kind metaverse is designed for users ranging from gamers and creators to business owners and game sponsors. The metaverse will allow users to interact with one another like never before. Within the metaverse, you will be able to showcase your achievements, highlights, and trophies for the rest of the community, as well as able to meet up for live events within the metaverse that will be hosted in our vast dedicated arenas and hype plazas.

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