Get Set Play partners with Zone of Avoidance

Get Set Play
4 min readOct 31, 2022

Get Set Play is delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Zone of Avoidance as part of our drive to expand our network of strategic partners.

About the Partnership

Streamers and content creators who stream Zone of Avoidance content will be granted full access to the Get Set Play platform which will help them further promote Zone of Avoidance content to Get Set Play’s dedicated viewers. One distinct advantage to streamers on GSP Stream is that unlike Twitch or YouTube, GSP Stream allows streamers to broadcast to a blockchain-focused audience that will be far more likely to go and play the game for themselves. All Zone of Avoidance streamers will have access to Get Set Play and GSP Stream’s fantastic features, such as our ground-breaking moderation protocol that uses community elected validators to protect all streamers on the network against hate raids and similar attacks. This raises the standard of safety for Zone of Avoidance streamers to a level that no other platform offers.

Partnership Highlights

Zone of Avoidance, along with content creators who stream Zone of Avoidance, will benefit significantly from this collaboration. Zone of Avoidance will now get substantial exposure and targeted promotion to the blockchain gaming focused audience on Get Set Play. GSP Stream is home to a large community of dedicated gamers, and more specifically blockchain gamers. Being able to stream, along with priority advertising will help put Zone of Avoidance in front of an audience that will be highly likely to try the game for themselves. Streamers will be able to rapidly grow their following and viewership whilst also rewarding those new viewers thanks to Get Set Plays watch-to-earn protocol. Streaming on GSP Stream also helps streamers earn a much fairer return for their time spent broadcasting, all thanks to the staking pools offered on Get Set Play.

Get Set Play will benefit from an increase in live streamers, viewers, and players when current Zone of Avoidance viewers and players switch to the Get Set Play ecosystem. As a result of this partnership, gamers and viewers who sign up for Get Set Play will be able to explore the whole Get Set Play ecosystem and participate in tournaments or watch live streams to make the most of our play-to-earn and watch-to-earn models. The ability to host Zone of Avoidance tournaments within GSP Arena further expands the tournament options for gamers as well as the live stream material available to fans.

About Zone of Avoidance

Zone of Avoidance is a Play to Earn, NFT-based auto battler game that pits players against enemies with the universe serving as a campaign ground. Players will have to buy an NFT spaceship, fill it with heroes and embark on a mission out of the New Milky Way towards the Zone of Avoidance. Whilst exploring new planets players will discover valuable commodities and fight inhabitants that are willing to do anything to protect them. Zone of Avoidance provides an enthralling storyline, paired with an epic Player vs Player and Player vs Environment gameplay, all with an exciting mesh of space and cyberpunk narratives and aesthetics. Spaceships, heroes and items are all connected to NFTs, meaning players can buy and sell them on marketplaces. The best heroes and items will be highly sought after by the top players, creating an active economy around the game. The NFTs themselves will originate in card packs that will be purchasable through Zone of Avoidance.

The Player vs Environment mode followers the player on a loose campaign as they travel towards the Zone of Avoidance in search of resources. Players will encounter many enemies, with increasing levels of difficulty, that they must defeat in return for $ZOA and $ZGO tokens — the primary resources in Zone of Avoidance. Players can also earn tokens through special events. The Player vs Player mode pits players against each other with Zone of Avoidance automatically matching players and simulating the battle. Winning battles will earn players $ZOA & $ZGO tokens as well as increase their rank.

About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a groundbreaking decentralized, DAO-governed esports gaming and streaming platform that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize how we play, stream and spectate video games and esports. We have tailored our platform for avid gamers and streamers alike to compete in tournaments while simultaneously streaming their gameplay to the rest of the globe. What sets Get Set Play apart from competitors like Twitch is our use of blockchain technology, as well as our own native token, which is utilized to reward gamers for participating in tournaments, streaming their gameplay or simply for watching someone else Livestream.

Get Set Play has also created an immersive metaverse experience to let gamers all over the globe feel like they are competing under one roof. Our one-of-a-kind metaverse is designed for users ranging from gamers and creators to business owners and game sponsors. The metaverse will allow users to interact with one another like never before. Within the metaverse, you will be able to showcase your achievements, highlights, and trophies for the rest of the community, as well as being able to meet up for live events within the metaverse that will be hosted in our vast dedicated arenas and hype plazas.



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